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This is the full astrology profile of someone born under January 23 zodiac, which presents the Aquarius sign facts, love compatibility.
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Perhaps you're doing work that's never been done before so you don't have a reference to look to for guidance.

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At the end of the day, when all is said in done, you should feel a sense of accomplishment and closer to the freedom you long to have. Gemini, it's time to consider your next future vacation.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Although you enjoy leading, give responsibility to someone else. Although it's not like you to igve up the reigns of control to others, this is a power move for you. You communicate "enough for all" well with your others. Guard against controlling people and tendencies. Use intellect and flexible thinking to help you achieve your goals. Cancer, the past has this funny way of resolving itself sometimes, without much input from others. Expect something extraordinary to take place.

Your warning for today is to guard against feeling powerless. You create the destiny you want by the choices you make. Leo, love is in the air and yet, you might be reluctant to jump into romance too soon. You may feel blocked in your ability to express let love flow freely right now. Verbal communication may be weighed down by emotional energy. You have been patient, but at this time, your resolve has not only worn thin, it's gone. Time to tune into your higher self to regain perspective and hear your inner voice.

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Action doesn't always have to be visible, and this time is meant to be one that allows you to learn deep within. You can change the things about yourself that you don't like when you decide it no longer works for you. Virgo, your competitive thinking can have you feeling like an outlier today so find areas of partnership that bring your center back into place.

At the end of the day, your guardian angels surround you to give you the strength you need to pull through.

Birthday Horoscope January 23rd

You have tremendous power to call abundance and prosperity to yourself without worry that someone has more than you do. Libra, you may feel a bit topsy turvy today in every area of your life where you've been in control and done well. Instead of worry, count your blessings. Abundant thinking will get you through the day. There are situations that are out of one's control, but thankfully time allows us to distance ourselves when the moment is right. You can still claim your fate even after a difficult situation.

Just choose to do so. Scorpio, sometimes knowing too much can be a burden. If you've become aware of a problem, but not sure how to fix things, try not to worry. Spend time reflecting on how far you have come. Don't forget your strong points and use these to your advantage today. You have worked hard for the things that you have, and for good reason, you want to maintain power over your personal posessions and space.

Yet I definitely think that energy can last a few days on either side of the cusp day -- we tend to go with about three days on either side as our standard here at DH. Does that help?! Karen A Kay But I've seen sites that stretched the cusp date to Jan even.


How possible is this? I did my birth chart and found that a few of my houses were heavily influenced by Capricorn. Is this possibly why I feel that the Capriquarian ways are so close to mine and not just solely Aquariaran?

The Sun moves into Libra on September 23, -- the Fall Equinox above the equator and Spring Equinox below, when the days and nights are equal. Libra the scales is the partnership sign, marking the balance of day and night. Awareness of where we stand in the borderlands of self and others is the key to relationships and Libra's primary task.

Each horoscope sign has a sizzling pairing that'll really raise the heat between the sheets. Is yours a steamy blend of Water and Fire or a sensual, earthy mix of Water and Earth? Read on to see what happens when the elements combine in new and interesting love combinations! To scientists, asteroids are just a class of small celestial bodies that fall into orbit around the Sun. But to some astrologers, asteroids can have as much impact on our emotional lives as if one had slammed right into our house.

Great adventures await those who must accommodate the habits and quirks of a new roommate! Start by learning to happily co-exist with your roommate -- or find one you're naturally compatible with -- by knowing his or her horoscope sign.

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Kay To scientists, asteroids are just a class of small celestial bodies that fall into orbit around the Sun. Roommates by Sign. What's up in the Cosmos? See where each planet is and how they're affecting you right now!

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