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Jul 24, (c) by Donna Cunningham, MSW The quintile is a 72° aspect It's little known among astrology fans, but it's well-known among us pros. .. I feel that there are many things that we can't explain or define yet, but.
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Here is how the parts of a chart get along when connected by the aspects [the brackets show the number degrees between the involved chart parts and the orb allowance for the aspect]. These are known as the Ptolemaic aspects, those favored by the prolific ancient Greek astrologer Ptolemy. More than two astrological objects may be involved in an aspect.

For instance, two planets may be conjunct and both may be opposite and third. But say these three are square to a fourth. This is then an aspect pattern involving almost half the planets and is a focal point of the chart. There are names for certain patterns. There is also a Grand Cross with two pairs of oppositions at right angles square to one another. An equilateral triangle is called a Grand Trine. Always look at the faster planet in relation to the slower one. The Moon is closest to earth and is thus the fastest of the heavenly bodies from our perspective. Another way of looking at aspects is to see if they occur in the first half of the phase relationship between the planets or in the second half.

When a faster moving planet passes a slower moving planet, they are conjunct. When the faster one gets halfway around the circle from the slower one, they are opposite. You are already familiar with the waxing and waning Moon.


From the New Moon conjunction of the Moon to the Sun to the Full Moon opposition of the Moon to the Sun is the waxing phase, where the Moon appears to grow bigger and bigger. From the Full Moon back to the next New Moon is the waning phase, where the Moon appears to contract in size. Any pair of planets can be considered in a similar fashion, although neither appears to change in size the way the Moon does in this example. On an interpretation level, we say that the energy exchange between the planets is slightly different in the waxing phase versus the waning phase.

There is a more subconscious or instinctual component to the waxing phase and a more conscious or informed component to the waning phase, since the opposition which divides the phases is thought to bring awareness or objectivity. Or we might say, the energy is increasing or growing during the waxing phase and decreasing or declining when waning.

For instance I know a veterinarian who can easily communicate with most animals, reptiles and birds who has a planet conjunct his 6th house Vertex which is also involved in a big septile-biseptile-triseptile pattern in his natal chart. Septile people are often highly inventive, especially if an outer planet is involved in the pattern.

I have found a number of them involved in artificial intelligence areas. Unlike quintile series people, septile series people tend to be quiet, sometimes shy and very modest. Usually only people involved in the same area realise the extent of their considerable abilities and skills. If they have quintiles running off one of the planets involved in the septile pattern they can be highly creative or destructive with their knowledge or skill. The septile patterns connected to the quintile patterns can be an indication of creative genius.

So his genius Uranus had an excellent creative outlet.

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Just as angles are considered in aspect patterns, so can house cusps. You seek out environments that are enjoyable and interesting. While others may be preoccupied with their responsibilities or goals, you have a knack for discovering enjoyable places where laughter, creativity, and happiness abound. Whether rich or poor and regardless of your background, you find enjoyable activities like games, parties, exploring various ethnic styles, or simply by enjoying a creative and interesting approach to daily activities.

You can also help others to lighten up and drop their worries by simply being open to what is interesting and enjoyable in their own lives. For your full creative powers to develop, you need periods of solitude and reflection. You are not a recluse and you can fare well without solitude but your own unique and individual creative powers are developed through your own individual reflections.

You have the ability to develop new methods and concepts that are useful and practical. You like to improvise and break traditional rules for doing things. You feel free and exhilarated by being able to express yourself spontaneously and in an uninhibited manner. You also can develop a great sense of humor and become interested in comedy or games. You have a very creative imagination. You appreciate imaginative stories, arts, and music.

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Your dreams may be vivid. Art or music is a good outlet for you, either by creating the works yourself or appreciating the work of others. Most likely you enjoy movies, plays, books, poems, and other works that treat issues like death, jealousy, or the psychological depths and complexities of people. You have the ability to express deep feelings creatively.

Sun Quintile Moon

You may also have an interest in many kinds of art and music, particularly primitive or very expressive art forms. You have a creative flair to the way you do things, and you are best suited to work that requires creativity. You are not inclined to rote learning and repetition, nor are you inclined to repetitively practice or execute the same sequence over and over again.

You excel by allowing yourself time to appreciate and understand the ingenuity, cleverness, and creative genius of others, which inspires you more than dedication to one goal or way of doing something.

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  • You will never lose your child-like love of learning, but you may find traditional teaching methods very boring and even mentally deadening. You love to learn how things work and you are very bright, but a teacher that focuses on memorization or trivial details will actually inhibit, rather than promote, your progress in learning.

    You are a creative thinker and if your educational training is too restrictive, then your full potential will become most evident in your adult years. You should pursue a career that utilizes your gift for creative thinking and analysis. You thoroughly enjoy being exposed to new ideas and perspectives. You seem to know a little bit about everything, and you find different philosophies, styles, and approaches very interesting.

    You tend to not be as opinionated as most people or to take all these different ideas as seriously as many others do. You have a talent for developing your own style or unique approach to a subject. You synthesize the models, concepts, or techniques of others into a pattern or design that is unique and personally comfortable for you.

    If you develop expertise or facility in any area, you will experiment and play with different conceptual models until you develop a new mold that suits your personal taste. You have an unusually creative mind, and you need outlets for your open-minded approach to life.

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    • You tend to be successful in an environment where products or services are being developed or ingenuity is required. You adapt well to new ideas and you are able to identify potential in a new idea while others may overlook it because it does not fit into their preconceived notions. You have an ability to enjoy clever ideas, whether they are new gadgets, or technology, a fresh approach in arts or music, or any other area, without being burdened by your personal responsibilities.

      While others have excuses, like not having enough available time to learn something new, you avail yourself of the opportunity to experience new things. You have a very strong imagination and a great appreciation for fantasy. You never lose your child-like sense of awe and magic.

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      You can excel in areas that require a creative imagination. You appreciate any work that is done with passion. You enjoy periodically becoming fully engrossed in a book, research, movie, sports, or any other activity.

      Quintile astrology meaning

      You have the ability to develop expertise or excellent technique through your combination of creativity and focused attention. You are a creative person. You are most comfortable in an environment where people are creative or playful. A very plain and ordinary environment is boring and dull for you.