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Virgo Horoscopes, Year Summary/preview of the year ahead for the . Until March 21, , and from July 1st to December 16th, the areas of your life that.
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In February, you may think of changing your job.

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A new source of income may arise which would offer you a sense of security, in your financial matters. During the months of March, April and May, you may have on your mind, an idea of purchasing some luxurious goods for the comfort of your family or a vehicle or some kind of property. Gains owing to inheritance are also predicted. You may as well spend on the construction of a house or its renovation this year. You may gain through speculations, bonds and share market. You need to remember that all the investment should have a long-term basis. There may be a loss if you go for short term investments.

You may put your money in religious deeds during the middle of the year. There are chances of long distance journeys with your family during this time as well. In the month of November and December, you will enjoy a good economic state.

Virgo Horoscope 2020

There is going to be a continuous inflow of money this year. The year looks auspicious for your money matters.

VIRGO HOROSCOPE 2020 - predictions for 2020 - Virgo horoscope 2020 prediction - Happy New Year 2020

An unhealthy body can't be home to a happy mind. Keep yourself agile both physically and mentally if you wish to achieve your goals.

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During this year, in the month of January, your health may decline due to the affliction of your Lagna Lord. During the third, fourth and fifth month i. March-May, you need to take care of your spouse as well as your children. The indications for their health are not good. During the initial months of the year, you must pay attention to your health. The rest of the year is good for health matters. Your interest in Yoga and meditation may save you from a lot of health issues, keep exercising.

There is no sign of any major illness this year. The year seems to be excellent for your health. This year, Virgo people may expect good results in career and related fields.


Rahu will remain in your 10th house apparently throughout the year. It would be auspicious for your career perspective. You may switch your job and bag a hike in your current salary. You will also receive name and fame throughout the year. After September, there are chances to travel abroad for business purpose. During March-May, you are likely to get desired results.

You may achieve some authoritative position during this period.

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Support and assistance from your seniors and authorities is ensured. Your tenth lord Mercury will transit in different signs and houses during this period. However, it would not impact you much while transiting in any sign or house. Your luck will favour you almost throughout the year. Your eleventh house would always be aspected by the planet Saturn, which would benefit you this year. You will grow slowly at your career front. If you have your own business, it will grow.

You will yourself become a better professional while you strive to expand your business. You may even start a new business venture. It will be an auspicious year for the same. You may expect gains and good revenue from your business after March The year is going to be excellent for you as far as career matters are concerned.

Also Read: Profession through Astrology. There are high possibilities that your salary will increase positively from March to May Try and avoid any investment in speculative activities and renovation work at home during 14 th May to 13 th September as Saturn and Jupiter are moving in retrograde motion.

This will bring benefits such as strong possibility of accumulation of wealth and good savings during this time. You will also most likely inherit some parental money. According to the Virgo Finance Horoscope, you might have good chances to buy a new vehicle during this time and may also spend money on the home renovation.

After September, the chances o0f inheriting ancestral property is high for you. As stated by Virgo Finance Horoscope , your parents will not fail in extending their support to you and will also help you in your business investment and other financial aids. As a result your expenses on luxurious items will rise during this period of time.

Chances of financial will remain high from April to June this year and according to the Virgo Finance Horoscope, you may also buy jewelry for your partner during this year. The money will be spent on the education of your children. The year will give mixed results for the married Virgo natives as stated by Virgo Marriage Horoscope As per the Virgo Marriage Horoscope, in the initial few months of the year may remain challenging for both of you. According to the Virgo Marriage Horoscope from 14 th May to 30 th June is the worst period for married Virgo natives as you may have to face multiple negative results during this period that may adversely affect your conjugal life.

Once this period passes, things will start getting back to normal for you and married life will be smooth again. As stated by Virgo Marriage Horoscope, your children will not behave well during the mid of the year. You will have to work with patience while trying to understand the reason behind their changed behavior and handle the whole scenario very calmly.

Your spouse will get a new opportunity at his or her work toward the end of the year that will be a good and positive change according to the Virgo Marriage horoscope This is a favorable period for your marriage and tying the knot. You will get many marriage proposals during this period of time. This is a good time to get married as well. It is essential for you to be able to understand the feelings of your lover or partner and also value it as per Virgo Love and Relationship Horoscope. The initial few months of this year do not seem to work in the favor of love as you may have to face disputes, conflicts, disagreements and arguments between you two.

According to the Virgo Love and Relationship Horoscope, there are high chances that all of this may lead to an ugly breakup as your egos may clash leaving you sad and lonely in life. Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy relationship with your lover, it is important that you are transparent to one another and have secrets between you two in a relationship as stated by Virgo Love and Relationship Horoscope. Virgo, this is your time!

You will enter a rare month that will be as close to perfect as it can be. It would be hard to overstate how glorious December will be for you, for it will sparkle in so many ways through its many facets. December will foretell the beauty and excitement that is to come to you in your New Year, Jupiter, the great giver of gifts and luck, will arrive in your truelove sector this month on December 2, , when it enters Capricorn, to stay a year, until December 19, Jupiter has not visited your romance sector in more than a decade, so this is headline news for you.

You are now the sign most likely to find true and lasting love now and during the year to come. A plethora of friendly, migrating planets have quietly grouped in earth-sign Capricorn, all happily squeezed into your truelove sector. Capricorn planets blend beautifully with your Virgo Sun sign, for Capricorn is an earth sign like yours.

The planets gathering in your fifth house will energize your love life in a big way. You are an industrious soul and are rarely known to take much time for yourself. This month will show you that taking the time to create a rich emotional life also brings benefits, leaving you refreshed and happier, as well as more productive when you return to work. Saturn is currently touring your fifth house truelove sector and will soon start his third and last consecutive year there.

This month, Saturn will orbit close to Venus. This means love has become a serious topic for you, not something trivial or casual. You are tired of telling potential love interests your life story. You want love to have long-term implications, for you are ready to build a loving foundation for your life with all the trappings that come with commitment—a loving marriage, the purchase of property, greater security, and possibly the arrival and joy of children.

You can have what you want if you find a way to push back from your computer and venture out to find out what the world holds for you. Lucky you, Venus will be traveling in Capricorn, a highly compatible sign for you, dear Virgo. Venus first arrived in Capricorn late last month on November 25 and will remain in Capricorn until December You will dazzle at all the parties you attend throughout the holiday season.

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  4. Your big moment of the month will be the solar eclipse, due to arrive on December 25 or December 26, depending on your location. This will be a new moon in your fifth house of truelove. If you are single, this solar eclipse could bring someone fascinating to your life unexpectedly and will be someone you will likely want to know better. This person could turn out to be a new romantic interest for you, dear Virgo.

    If you hope to have a baby, you may become pregnant now, or if you are at term, you may welcome the birth of your child this month. Directly after the eclipse of December 25 comes the Luckiest Day of the Year, December 27, when the Sun will align with the good fortune planet Jupiter. This is a fantastic day, and you will feel the glow that this day will give off from one day earlier to one day later. The Sun will take the goodness of Jupiter and expand it far and wide—and all this happens in your house of truelove.

    This same house, your fifth house, is the part of the chart that reflects your creativity and imagination, and so you may be celebrating a new project that has just won approval. Whenever Jupiter is involved, good financial compensation usually follows. Even though you will surely take your eyes off the road momentarily at work this month, your career will still show vibrant signs of life.