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Rachid Aziz - rachid. Rachel Aziz - rachel. Aziapono Rachel - aziapono. Rachida Azi - rachida.

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Rachel Aziani - Rachel-Aziani. Rachel Aziani - rachel. Azifer Rachid - azifer. Aziza Rachdiaziza - aziza. Rachid Aziko - rachid. Rachidi Aziza - rachidi.

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  • Azi Rochdi Rachid - racha. Azirac - AOngtioco. Chariz - Azirac Cariza Bueno - azirac.

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    Cariza Jean Adalin - azirac Carrie - Azirac Cariza C. Azirac - caritut.

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    • Horoscop Rac Azi - RacAzi. Rachel Aziani - therachelaziani. Azira Carimo Mikidade Mikidade - aziracarimomikidade. Sal Ma - rachaazi Samantha Racho Galea - samaaazingg.


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      The mind, the talent and all the practice are the only things that matter, the stubborn body being kept submissive, almost by force. The show of the backstage In the backstage there is a strange smell. A combination difficult to define, which, even it has nothing from this, has everything together. Like a magic potion. The space is tight, closed between the black wings of the curtains.

      I make myself little, almost invisible, to not disturb the dancers. The show starts. The back stages are empty now. Between the stage lights lengthening their necks to watch their colleagues, you can find now only the dancers that are going to perform in the next minutes. Some of them calm, others agitated still warming up. Near me, a small Japanese, sitting down and dressed in tutu, is applauding together with the public.

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      But she is doing it in silent, without sound. A few meters away, on stage, the pas-de-deux gives wings to dancers.

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